How To Get a Boyfriend — Show Logo and Branding

How To Get a Boyfriend — Show Logo and Branding

This was a really fun project because I got to make a logo and do a photoshoot to complete a full branding package for a show. When I was designing the logo I wanted it too look almost like the word “Boyfriend” was being lassoed in by the rest of the logo. I continued this visual motif on many of the other assets for the show, including the lower thirds and social posts.

I also had a lot of fun taking the pictures and photoshopping them in ways so they looked like they are floating around the logo. I wanted them to have a bright and cheerful tone to them as the show has a light-hearted, humorous tone. As you scroll through, I hope you notice the lasso visual motif, bright colors, and goofy sense of humor played throughout the title card, lower third elements, and instagram graphics. I hope you enjoy!




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